A collection of English-language books (and a few looseleafs) on the topic of corporate crime, sorted by jurisdiction and decade.

I’ve relaxed the criteria for inclusion for Australian publications to include select regulatory texts, but strictly focussed on ‘corporate crime’ texts for other jurisdictions.  In particular, white-collar crime books have not been listed unless they include a significant proportion of content regarding the criminal liability of corporations.

Have I missed a useful book?   Let me know.



Thomson Reuters, Environmental Responsibilities Law NSW

Thomson Reuters, ASIC Corporate Investigations and Hearings


Caron Beaton-Wells and Brent Fisse, Australian Cartel Regulation (Cambridge University Press, 2011)

Vicky Comino, Australia’s “Company Law Watchdog”: ASIC and Corporate Regulation (Thomson Reuters, 2015)

Fiona Haines, The Paradox of Regulation: What Regulation Can Achieve and What it Cannot (Edward Elgar Publishing, 2011)

Michael Legg, Regulation, Litigation & Enforcement (Thomson Reuters, 2011)


John Braithwaite, Markets in Vice, Markets in Virtue (Federation Press and Oxford University Press, 2005) 

John Braithwaite, Regulatory Capitalism: How it Works, Ideas for Making it Work Better, (Edward Elgar, 2008)

John Braithwaite, T. Makkai and V. Braithwaite, Regulating Aged Care: Ritualism and the New Pyramid (Edward Elgar, 2007)

Jonathan Clough and Carmel Mulhern, The Prosecution of Corporations (Oxford University Press, 2002)

NSW Law Reform Commission, Sentencing: Corporate Offenders (NSW LRC, 2003) (A report, not a book… but an important one)


Gerry Bates and Zada Lipman, Corporate Liability for Pollution (Thomson Reuters, 1998) (Now available as a PDF from the publisher)

Fiona Haines, Corporate Regulation: Beyond ‘Punish or Persuade’ (Clarendon Press, 1997)

Kaye Healey (ed) Corporate Crime (Spinney Press, 1996)

Rachel Langdale, Case Studies in Corporate Crime (NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research, 1990)


Peter Grabosky and John Braithwaite, Corporate Crime in Australia (Australian Institute of Criminology, 1987)

Peter Grabosky and John Braithwaite, Of Manners Gentle: Enforcement Strategies of Australian Business Regulatory Agencies, Melbourne, Oxford University Press, 1986 (Out of print, though John Braithwaite has made the pdf available online here)

Peter Grabosky and Adam Sutton, Stains on a White Collar: Fourteen Studies in Corporate Crime or Corporate Harm (Hutchinson Australia, 1989)

R. Tomasic (ed), Business Regulation in Australia, Sydney (CCH Australia, 1984)

R. Weston (ed) Combatting Commercial Crime, Sydney, (Law Book Co, 1987)


K M Opie, Corporate Crime: The Auditor’s View (Deakin University, 1979)

Rodney N Purvis, Corporate Crime: A Consideration of Crime, Corporations and Commercial Morality in Australia (Butterworths, 1979)

United Kingdom


Paul Almond, Corporate Manslaughter and Regulatory Reform (Palgrave Macmillan, 2013)

Gerard Forlin and Louise Smail, Corporate Liability: Work Related Deaths and Criminal Prosecutions (Bloomsbury Professional, 2014) (Focus on Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007)

Graham Dukes, John Braithwaite and J P Moloney, Pharmaceuticals, Corporate Crime and Public Health (Edward Elgar Publishing, 2014)

Constantine N Nana, Revisiting the Question of Imputation in Corporate Criminal Law (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2010)

Amanda Pinto and Martin Evans, Corporate Criminal Liability (Sweet & Maxwell, 3rd ed, 2013) (This edition includes commentary on the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007)

Polly Sprenger, Deferred Prosecution Agreements: The Law and Practice of Negotiated Corporate Criminal Penalties (Sweet & Maxwell, 2014)

Steve Tombs and David Whyte, Safety Crimes (Routledge, 2013)

Steve Tombs and David Whyte, The Corporate Criminal: Why Corporations Must Be Abolished (Routledge, 2015)


David Bergman, The Case for Corporate Responsibility: Corporate Violence and the Criminal Justice System (Disaster Action, 2000)

Hazel Croall (ed), Corporate Crime (SAGE, 2009) (Three Volumes)

Brent Fisse and John Braithwaite, Corporations, Crime and Accountability (Cambridge University Press, 2007)  (Proposal of a new Accountability Model for corporations)

James Gobert, Maurice Punch, Rethinking Corporate Crime (Butterworths, 2003)

Richard Matthews, Blackstone’s Guide to the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 (Oxford University Press, 2008)

Andrea Oates, Tolley’s Corporate Manslaughter and Homicide: A Guide to Compliance (LexisNexis, 2008)

Various, Corporate Crime Workshop 2002, 13 February 2002: Papers (Monash University, Dept of Business Law and Taxation, 2002)

Celia Wells, Corporations and Criminal Responsibility (Oxford University Press, 2001)


Jack Bologna and Paul Shaw, Corporate Crime Investigations (Butterworth-Heinemann, 1996)

John Braithwaite, Corporations, Crime and Accountability (Cambridge University Press, 1993)

Richard H Mays, Corporation’s Liability for Criminal Acts (Sweet & Maxwell, 1998)

Gary Slapper, Steve Tombs, Corporate Crime (Longman, 1999)

1980s  and earlier

L H Leigh, Criminal Liability of Corporations in English Law (Littlehampton Book Services, 1969)

United States


ALM Publishing, Corporate Criminal Liability and Prevention (Also available online; author Richard S Gruner)


James M Anderson and Ivan Waggoner, The Changing Role of Criminal Law in Controlling Corporate Behavior (RAND Corporation, 2015)

Anthony Barkow and Rachel Barkow (eds) Prosecutors in the Boardroom: Using Criminal Law to Regulate Corporate Conduct (New York University Press, 2011)

Kirby D Behre and Morgan J Miller, Responding to Corporate Criminal Investigations (Bloomberg BNA, 2013)

Ronald Berger, White-Collar Crime: The Abuse of Corporate and Government Power (Lynne Rienner, 2011)

Kathleen F Brickey, Corporate and White Collar Crime: Cases and Materials (Aspen, 5th ed, 2011) (First edition published 1990)

Brandon Burton, Corporate Criminal Liability: Federal Law and Prosecutorial Discretion Issues (Nova Science Publishers, 2014)

J Richard Kiefer and others, Representing Officers and Directors Charged with Corporate Malfeasance: An Inside Perspective on Preventing Fraud and Defending Corporate Leaders Charged with White Collar Crimes (Thomson Reuters, 2015)

Brandon L Garrett, Too Big To Jail: How Prosecutors Compromise with Corporations (The Belknap Press, 2014)

Gilbert Geis, White-Collar and Corporate Crime: A Documentary and Reference Guide (Greenwood, 2011)

Isobel E Gilbert (ed), Corporate Crime & the Use of Deferred & Non-Prosecution Agreements (Nova Science Publishers, 2011)

David Shichor, Larry K Gaines, Andrea Schoepfer, Reflecting on white-collar and corporate crime: discerning readings (Waveband Press, 2012)

Eric Sitarchuk, Mark Srere and Kelly Moore, Corporate Criminal Defense: Compliance, Investigation, and Trial Strategies (Aspen, 2010)

Rena Steinzor, Why Not Jail? Industrial Catastrophes, Corporate Malfeasance, and Government Inaction (Cambridge University Press, 2015)

Steve Tombs and David Whyte, The Corporate Criminal: Why Corporations Must Be Abolished (Routledge, Key Ideas in Criminology Series, 2015)

Bruce Wardhaugh, Cartels, Markets and Crime: A Normative Justification for the Criminalisation of Economic Collusion (Cambridge University Press, 2014)

Miriam F Weismann, Corporate Crime & Financial Fraud (American Bar Association, 2012)

Miriam F Weismann, Crime, Incorporated: Legal and Financial Implications of Corporate Misconduct (American Bar Association, 2010)


Francis T Cullen, Gray Cavendar, William J Maakestad, Michael L Benson, Corporate Crime Under Attck: The Fight to Criminalize Business Violence (Anderson Publishing, 2006)

Harry Glasbeek, Wealth by Stealth: Corporate Crime, Corporate Law, and the Perversion of Democracy (Between the Lines, 2004)

Richard Hartley, Corporate crime: a reference handbook (ABC-CLIO, 2008)

Susan Hunnicutt (ed), Corporate Corruption (Thomson Gale, 2007)

William S Laufer, Corporate Bodies and Guilty Minds: The Failure of Corporate Criminal Liability (University of Chicago Press, 2006) (Reprinted 2008)

James T O’Reilly et al, Punishing Corporate Crime: Legal Penalties for Criminal and Regulatory Violations (Oxford University Press, 2009)

Leonard Orland, Corporate Criminal Liability: Regulation and Compliance (Aspen, 2004)

Frank Pearch and Steve Tombs, Toxic Capitalism: Corporate Crime and the Chemical Industry (Ashgate, 1998)

Lawrence M Salinger Encyclopedia of White-Collar & Corporate Crime (SAGE Publications, 2005)

Brian Wolf, Organized Environmental Crime: An Analysis of Corporate Noncompliance with the Law (Edwin Mellen Press, 2009)


American Bar Association, Collateral Consequences of Convictions of Organisations: Final Report (American Bar Association, 1991)

Michael L Benson, Francis T Cullen, Combating Corporate Crime: Local Prosecutors At Work (Northeastern University Press, 1998)

William Laufer, Culpability and the Sentencing of Corporations (University of Nebraska, 1992)

William Lofquist, Mark Cohen and Gary Rabe (eds), Debating Corporate Crime (Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, Northern Kentucky University, 1997)

Leonard Orland (ed), Corporate and White Collar Crime: An Anthology (Anderson Publishing, 1995)

Frank Pearce and Laureen Snider (eds), Corporate Crime: Contemporary Debate (University of Toronto Press, 1995)

Kip Schlegel, Just deserts for corporate criminals (Northeastern University Press, 1990)

J A Sigler and J Murphy (eds) Corporate Lawbreaking and Interactive Corporate Compliance, (Danorum Books, 1991).

Michael Tonry and Albert J Reiss Jr (eds), Beyond the Law: Crime In Complex Organisations (University of Chicago Press, 1993)

Alan Zarky, Defending the Corporation in Criminal Prosecutions (Bureau of National Affairs, 1990)


Kathleen Brickey, Corporate Criminal Liability: A Treatise On The Criminal Liability Of Corporations, Their Officers And Agents (Callaghan, 1984) (subsequently revised and republished in a second edition, 1991)

Marshall B Clinard, Ruth B Clinard and Peter C Yeager, Corporate Crime (Collier Macmillan, 1980) (Subsequently republished)

Francis Cullen, William Maakestad and Gray Cavender, Corporate Crime Under Attack: The Ford Pinto Case and Beyond (Anderson, 1987)

M.D. Ermann and R.J. Lundman (eds), Corporate and Governmental Deviance, (Oxford University Press, 3rd ed, 1987)

Brent Fisse and John Braithwaite, The Impact of Publicity on Corporate Offenders (State University of New York Press, 1983) (John Braithwaite has made the pdf available here)

Brent Fisse and Peter French (eds), Corrigible Corporations and Unruly Law (Trinity University Press, 1986)

Nancy Frank, From Criminal Law to Regulation: A Historical Analysis of Health and Safety Law (Garland, 1986)

Jeffrey Glekel, Business Crimes: A Guide for Corporate and Defense Counsel (Practising Law Institute, 1982)

Stuart Hills (ed), Corporate Violence: Injury and Death for Profit (Rowman & Littlefield, 1987)

Ellen Hochstädter (ed), Corporations As Criminals (Sage Publications, 1984)

Russell Mokhiber, Corporate Crime and Violence (Random House, 1988)

Diane Vaughan, Controlling Unlawful Organizational Behaviour: Social Structure and Corporate Mismanagement (University of Chicago Press, 1985)

1970s and earlier

Alan Karabus, The Criminal Liability of Corporations (New York University, 1957)

Hugh Peter Mullen, Development and Rationale of Corporate Criminal Liability (New York University, 1951)

Europe / non-British European Countries 


Dominik Brodowski and others (eds), Regulating Corporate Criminal Liability (Springer International Publishing, 2014)

Joe McGrath, Corporate and White-Collar Crime in Ireland: A New Architecture of Regulatory Enforcement (Manchester University Press, 2015)

James J Gobert and Ana-Maria Pascal (eds), European Developments in Corporate Criminal Liability (Routledge, 2011)

Shelley Horan, Corporate Crime (Bloomsbury Professional, 2011) (Ireland)

Mark Pieth and Radha Ivory (eds), Corporate Criminal Liability: Emergence, Convergence, and Risk (Springer, 2011)

Judith van Erp, Wim Huisman, Gudrun Vande Walle, The Routledge Handbook of White-Collar and Corporate Crime in Europe (Routledge, 2015)


Cyrille J C F Fijnaut, Johan Goethals, Lode Walgrave and Tony Peters (eds) Changes in Society, Crime and Criminal Justice in Europe – International Organised and Corporate Crime (Brill, 1996) (A collection of lectures.  Also available in Dutch, Flemish, French)

Vincinzo Ruggiero, Organized and Corporate Crime in Europe: Offers That Can’t Be Refused (Dartmouth Publishing, 1996)


Council of Europe, Liability of Enterprises for Offences: Recommendation No. R (88) 18 Adopted by the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe on 20 October 1988 and Explanatory Memorandum (European Committee on Crime Problems, 1988).  A policy document, not a monogram, but worth including nonetheless, and available as a book:  ISBN13: 9789287117502

General / Other / Comparative / International Law


Paul Almond, Corporate Manslaughter and Regulatory Reform (Palgrave MacMillan, 2013)

Kumar Ashwini, The Perspectives of Corporate Criminal Liability (Lambert Academic Publishing, 2013) (India)

Caron Beaton-Wells and Ariel Ezrachi (eds),  Criminalising Cartels: Critical Studies of an International Regulatory Movement (Hart Publishing, 2011)

Steven Bittle, Still dying for a living: Corporate Criminal Liability After the Westerly Mine Disaster (UBC Press, 2012)

Dominik Brodowski and others (eds), Regulating Corporate Criminal Liability (Springer, 2014)

Helene Dragatsi, Criminal Liability of Canadian Corporations for International Crimes (Thomson Reuters, 2011)

Matthew Hall, Victims of Environmental Harm: Rights, Recognition and Redress Under National and International Law (Routledge, 2013)

Wim Huisman, Business as Usual? Corporate Involvement in International Crimes (Boom Juridische Uitgevers, 2010) (Bilingual edition)

Chella Jessie, The Complicity of Multinational Corporations in International Crimes (Scholars’ Press, 2014) (Proposed amendments to international criminal law to address multi-jurisdictional corporate offending.)

Gordon E Kaiser, Corporate Crime and Civil Liability (LexisNexis, 2012) (Canadian law)

Norm Keith, Corporate Crime And Accountability In Canada: From Prosecutions To Corporate Social Responsibility (LexisNexis, 2011)

Michael Kelly, Prosecuting Corporations For Genocide (Oxford University Press, 2016)

Simeon Obidairo, Transnational Corruption and Corporations: Regulating Bribery through Corporate Liability (Ashgate Publishing, 2013)

Roshima Said, David Crowther, Azlan Amran (eds), Ethics, Governance and Corporate Crime: Challenges and Consequences (Emerald Group Publishing, 2014)

Laureen Snider, About Canada: Corporate Crime (Fernwood Publishing, 2015)

Toine Spapens, Rob White and Marieke Kluin, Environmental Crime and its Victims: Perspectives Within Green Criminology (VT Ashgate, 2014)

Desislava Stoitchkova, Towards Corporate Liability in International Criminal Law (Intersentia, 2010)

Stephen Tully, International Corporate Legal Responsibility (Wolters Kluwer, 2012)

Zhenjie Zhou, Corporate Crime in China: History and contemporary debates (Routledge, 2014)


Linus Ali, Corporate Criminal Liability in Nigeria (Malthouse Press, 2009)

Canadian Bar Association, Cross-Border Corporate Crimes (Canadian Bar Association, 2001)

Moses Katusime Mbombo, Analysis of Corporate Criminal Liability Under Rwandan Law (Lambert Academic Publishing, 2013)

Raymond J Michalowski, Ronald C Kramer State-Corporate Crime: Wrongdoing at the Intersection of Business and Government (Rutgers University Press, 2006)

John P Minkes and Leonard Minkes (eds), Corporate and White-Collar Crime (Sage Publications, 2008) (Europe, US, Asia)

Sally S Simpson, Corporate Crime, Law and Social Control (Cambridge University Press, 2002)

Sally S Simpson and Carole Gibbs (eds), Corporate Crime (Ashgate Publishing, 2007)


Hans De Doelder and Klaus Tiedemann (eds), Criminal Liability of Corporations (Brill, 1996) (English/French, collection of reports written for the XIVth Congress of the International Academy of Comparative Law held in 1994 in Athens, Greece.)


John Braithwaite, Corporate Crime in the Pharmaceutical Industry (Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1984) (Also available in a 2014 Routledge re-release) (Case studies cover the US, UK, Australia, Mexico and Guatemala.)

H N Giri, Consumers, Crimes and the Law (APH Publishing, 1987) (India)


Michel Bozonnet, Criminal Liability for the Violation of the Legal Requirements of Disclosure of the Balance Sheet by Corporations: A Comparative Study of the Securities Exchange Act and the French Corporation Law (New York University, 1975)