Pacific Gas & Electric – March 2014

Following the San Bruno gas pipeline explosion resulting in deaths and destruction of people’s homes, PG&E issued this statement, once it became aware charges would be filed. (Also here: pg-pledges-continued-commitment-to-safety)  Relevantly, “PG&E Chairman and CEO Tony Earley, who was brought in to lead PG&E in 2011 after the San Bruno accident, said:”

“San Bruno was a tragic accident that caused a great deal of pain for many people. We’re accountable for that and make no excuses. Most of all, we are deeply sorry. We have worked hard to do the right thing for victims, their families and the community, and we will continue to do so. We’ve learned the tragic lesson of San Bruno that safety must always come first. Toward this end, we’ve implemented enormous change here at PG&E. We’re working to transform this 100-plus-year-old natural gas system into the safest and most reliable in America. In support of this, we’ve committed $2.7 billion of shareholders’ money to date and we’re making excellent operational progress. We have more work to do and we intend to do it right.”

See also: PG&E’s comments following payment of a fine for this event, and comments following convictions.